Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

University of Alaska Anchorage

MPA Emphasis Areas

Public Management
The Public Management emphasis is designed for those working for or planning to work for executive agencies of local, state, and federal government; for private, non-profit organizations; and in government relations units of private corporations. It provides basic tools of public management, understanding of the structure and processes of public organizations, and the history and context of the field of public administration.
6 hours of electives plus

  • PADM A603 Management Analysis
  • PADM A610 Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • PADM A624 Human Resources Administration

Health Administration
The Health Administration emphasis prepares students to function as health administrators in state, local, or federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies that do health-related work. Students develop knowledge and skills necessary for effective public management in the health care area: planning, decision-making, and managing people, money and programs.
3 hours of electives plus

  • PADM A624 Human Resources Administration and 3 of the following
  • HS 605 Public Health & Society
  • HS 615 HealthServices Administration
  • HS/NS A626 Principles of Epidemiology
  • PADM 671 Selected Topic in Public Administration

Policy Analysis
The Policy Analysis emphasis is intended to provide the professional staffs of executive and legislative departments of local, state, and federal governments with the capability to analyze the effects of a broad range of actual or hypothetical government policies. It emphasizes the application of economic analysis and other quantitative and qualitative methods to Alaska and national policy issues.
9 hours of electives plus

  • PADM A632 Policy Analysis
  • PADM A688 Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice Emphasis provides graduates with the theoretical basis for management careers in the field of criminal justice. Students develop knowledge and skills necessary for effective public management: planning and decision making, managing people, money and programs. These skills are applicable in a wide spectrum of employment areas in law enforcement and the criminal justice system; and also prepare graduates seeking to earn a terminal degree in justice administration.
3 hours of electives plus

  • JUST A625 Seminar in Criminal Violation
  • JUST A630 Justice Administration Theory & Practice
  • JUST A670 Administrative Law and 1 of the following
  • JUST A640 Corrections Theory and Research
  • JUST A650 Policing Theory and Research

The UAA MPA Program is also now offereing dual emphasis degrees! This will allow students to maximize their interests, and diversify their education, allowing for the best future career


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