Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

University of Alaska Anchorage

Justice Emphasis Course Descriptions

JUST 625 – Seminar in Criminal Violation

An advanced criminology seminar which will explore the application of various theories of crime causation to specific kinds of criminal violation. Students will use criminological theory in an effort to explain different types of criminal behavior and to assess both methods of prevention and potential treatment of the violator. Topics will include: crimes of violence, crimes against the public order, organized crime, white collar crime, etc.

JUST 630 – Justice Admin Theory & Practice

This is an advanced seminar to study policy development and the application of theory and research in the administration of justice organizations. Theories, practices, innovations, and administrative strategies will be explored.

JUST 640 – Corrections Theory & Research

Theoretical foundations of correctional practices are explored through reading of classic texts. This class includes development and testing of hypotheses on rehabilitation, retribution, and incapacitation.

JUST 650 – Policing Theory and Research

Social science research on policing is explored through readings on police use of force, domestic violence, and community policing. Development of proposals for empirical tests of hypotheses is derived from the literature.

JUST 670 – Administrative Law

This course covers the legal guidelines for adoption, enforcement, and adjudication of violations of agency regulations at federal, state, and local levels as exercised by public sector management and legislative, executive, and judicial controls on agency action. Research project required.