Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

University of Alaska Anchorage

Health Emphasis Course Descriptions

NS/HS 626 – Principles of Epidemiology

An introduction to the principles and methods of epidemiologic investigations and their application in the health sciences. Major topics include etiological factors of disease and injury, the distribution of health problems within populations, levels of prevention, and the concept of risk. The design of retrospective, cross-sectional, and prospective studies are examined. Clinical applications within nursing, medicine, pharmacy, social work, nutrition and health care administration are emphasized.

HS 605 – Public Health and Society

This is a comprehensive overview of the evolution and major components of the health service system in the U.S. System performance, directions being taken by major providers, characteristics of resources (financial, personnel, and technological), and dimensions of policy making in health are discussed.

HS 615 – Health Services Administration

Covers elements of administrative processes within the health care system. Personal and interpersonal competencies and maximization of resource allocation to optimize effective leadership and management are emphasized.

PADM 671 – Selected Topic in Public Administration