Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

University of Alaska Anchorage

Elective Course Offerings


1-credit course being offered Spring 2017



PADM 618 – Public Accountability, Ethics & Law

(Offered as demand warrants)

The challenges of maintaining a responsive bureaucracy subject to democratic controls; implications of ethical standards and administrative due process of law; and selected case studies in government and non-profit administration.

PADM 640 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

(Offered as demand warrants)

This intensive format class reviews the literature and principles of alternative dispute resolution. This class will also focus on negotiation and mediation as ways to resolve individual conflicts, group conflicts, and public disputes. This class can be taken as individual modules for one credit each or as one three credit class.

PADM 671 – Selected Topics In Public Adminstration

Analysis of selected public administration issues. Topics are announced in the published class schedule.