Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

University of Alaska Anchorage

Core Courses & Descriptions

Public Administration Core Classes

  • PADM 601 Introduction to Public Admininstration                          
  • PADM 602 Seminar In Public Management                                            
  • PADM 604 Research Methods in Administration                           
  • PADM 606 The Policy-making Process                                                
  • PADM 608 Organizational Theory, Design, and Development
    • or BA 634 Organizational Design and Development                          
  • ECON 625 Economics and Public Policy


PADM 601 Introduction to Pub Admin

(Fall & Spring)

This introductory course gives an overview of the field of public administration and develops the analytical skills necessary for graduate studies. Emphasis is on understanding the underlying issues such as power, decision-making, ways of knowing, measurement, organizational structure, accountability, and learning to use the theoretical models in actual situations.

PADM 602 – Seminar In Public Management


This is a very hands on class in which students design projects relevant to their work which demonstrate their achievement of 11 learning objectives for time management; identifying personal management styles and values; developing personal work performance measures; creating management charts; interpersonal and group skills; and oral presentations.

PADM 604 – Research Methods in Administration


This class covers empirical methods and techniques necessary for administrators to understand complex research on public issues. Emphasis is on design of research, data collection and analysis methods, survey sampling, and statistical analysis including use of computers in data analysis.

PADM 606 – The Policy-making Process


After developing a general framework, this class focuses on specific aspects of policymaking. These include the process of setting the policy agenda; the impact of the various stakeholders in the policymaking process; the relationship between policy sciences and democracy; and finally, the role of citizens in the policymaking process.


PADM 608 – Organizational Theory, Design and Development


Prepares students to navigate complex and changing organizational environments and to implement effective organizational design and development. Examines relationships between national events and political and cultural perceptions that impact public organizational environments. Offers a comprehensive framework of organizational theory, practical models and tools that develop organizational resilience.

PADM 620 – Internship in Administration/Policy

 (Offered as demand warrants)

Applied work experience in public administration or policy analysis. The course consists of the equivalent of three months of full-time work in an approved state, federal, local, or private agency, under the supervision of a senior agency employee in cooperation with a faculty advisor. An internship journal and a final internship report are required.

PADM 659 – Public Administration Capstone

(Offered as demand warrants)

Capstone course for master of public administration program. Includes in-depth discussions of case studies illustrating problems of organizational change, decision making, problem solving, and the interrelated processes of policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Emphasis is on student participation, including presentation of a major policy or administrative report.

ECON 625 – Economics and Public Policy


Examines economics both as a determinant of public policy and as a tool of public administration. Topics include how markets allocate resources; role of government in a market economy; market failures and responses to them; problems of efficiency vs. equity; and application of microeconomic tools to analysis of Alaska and national policy issues.